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Window cleaning

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I would imagine there's nothing in law which says you couldn't. However, your rival wouldn't be too happy about it, and things could get...errrm..Shall we say "A little unpleasant". Especially if your working the same road at the same time!


I guess it depends what you'll be charging and the level of satisfaction that your rival has in the area. Then of course there's the health and safety issues...Yeah even with window cleaning. A lot of them now use the long poles for the upper floors. It's probably not compulsory, but I would imagine that working at height requires you to mimimise the risks. Oh, and don't forget public liability insurance.

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Perfectly legal, but might not get the best results. You'd probably be better off buying a round.


If you don't you risk ending up with the odd house here and there in one area, then the same in another, and by the time you've driven between all these areas, the time and diesel spent doing so means it's not worth it.


You probably could build up a round that way, but you'd be better off buying one, so that everything's in one area.


Plus, I assume you're aware of the start up costs? Insurance - couple of hundred quid, ladders if you choose to use them - couple of hundred quid, water poles if you choose them - several hundred quid to a thousand plus. That's not to mention all the cloths and other equipment, plus transport etc.

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Yes you can do that legally. Some might get upset that you are on what they consider to be their patch however, they own a round within an area, NOT the area as a whole!


It is good practice to avoid undercutting or using underhand tactics against another business. My experience is that you will not really take away the trade of an already established window cleaner provided that he or she is reliable, regular and conducts her/himself properly. Happy clients are generally loyal.


I don't worry when a new cleaner arrives in an area that I already work because my clients know that I am dependable to do a great job every time and that I'll be there year round no matter what!


As already stated by Moosey, it's often a great option to purchase a round that has been established by someone before you provided you can afford the initial outlay but do be sure to work the round once or twice with the seller to ensure everything's legit and you know the quirks of some of the jobs. Also you want to be introduced to the customers as their new window cleaner. While most are perfectly above board, a number of people have been conned by dishonest sellers.



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