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New to photography. comments would be greatful :D


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First one is OK but I'm not a flower person, second one is a lovely expression but seems 'slightly' blurred to my eyes, maybe sharpen it with some software, third one is great, my favourite, the light is warm and tinted and the humour is there.


Nice images overall and a great start.

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Hi Danielle


As Paul said overall a good starting point. They do seem a bit over exposed though, so I would keep an eye on that.


Unlike Paul I do like flowers and the first image is my favorite. I would consider a tighter crop though. When considering a crop I always deconstruct the image and understand how it works. The two main elements within this image are the flower and the large leaf, the rest is superficial so I would focus on the main elements.


There is an old saying, when you think you are close enough take another step closer. With this in mind:


The first crop I tried on this image included the whole flower and all the large leaf. I then re-evaluated the new image and felt another crop was needed just focusing on the stigmas/stamen and part of the leaf. This then starts to be quite a graphic image. Cropping in will reduce the quality of the overall image, so the rule here is to do it in camera (take another step closer).


If you wanted me to send you the cropped versions, so you could see what I did, please just drop me an email brian@digitalmasterclass.co.uk


I hope this helps and this is obviously only my interpretation of your image. Always feel free to make your own interpretations.



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Flowers - lighting issues and not very intersting to look at - try indirect flash maybe

Middle b&w - its good. Good images don't always have to be sharp!


3rd - I like it. Nice composition

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First image is great nice and crisp and can be cropped to make many nice images

second image seems out of focus but still makes for and interesting image and using B&W has rescued it alittle though ;)

Third image is very interesting and can be changed slightly in an edit program to your tastes.


Personaly i tend to stay away from flash as it tends to kill an image IMO but a good day setting i tend to use is Aputure priority (A setting) 400 ISO F5


Auto settings are a waste of time in my eyes as again IMO it kills images, but its all playing with settings and techniques to find your own style.


Possible join a photo group on Facbook,Flickr etc or maybe a meeting with other sheffield photographers.

On flickr ive found this group to be a fantastic tool for learning and freindly advice NEVER PROSSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS

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