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Classic Citroen HY Van- Would love to sell but keep getting let down..


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I've got a 1977 Citroen HY van which I used for a catering van for this past year.

I paid well over £20000 for it fully kitted out.:o


Here are a few photos:








I have placed it on ebay a couple of times- it gathered a lot of interest but remained unsold the first time and the second time the buyer let me down badly.


It's a wonderful van- with so much character, I genuinely am sure there isn't another one like it in Sheffield.:)

It's now empty inside (still fitted out with lights, surfaces etc) but no catering equipment.

Part of me wants to keep it, as I know it has potential for advertising purposes, wedding hire, or simply pleasure but I am now in need of money for another venture.


Would there be anyone on here or in the region interested in it?


Here is the ad I placed on ebay:


For sale is my 1977 Citroen H van. It is genuinely ready to go and has had a lot of work done to it!


Firstly, I will list the work that has been done:


• Sliding pillar repaired


• Front nose panels repaired


• Repaired damaged bonnet


• Offside jacking point repaired


• Replaced left & right rear vertical light panels approx. 1.5m high and refit rear lights including between panel and the rear wings


• Replaced steel structure at base of rear door.


• Refit Petrol tank jacking point


• Re-site existing petrol tank and adjust inner wheel arch


• Strengthen offside step at base of front wing


• General sandblasting and repairs to rusting areas, i.e. base of both front doors, front doors pillars, lateral top hat section between corrugated lower panel and flat side panel


• Replaced the roof which served a dual purpose; one longevity and secondly, it could be lengthened to hang over the rear doors to avoid water ingress.


• Created a hinged side serving hatch on gas struts at an angle so that any rainwater would fall into the existing gutter and not on clients you are serving.


• Prime and paint in a solid colour.


• Rear suspension shock absorbers replaced.


• Seats reupholstered




It also has:


• Cupboard storage space


• Safety flooring


• Stainless steel worktops & Sink


And an LPG Rinnai Water Heater




There are also electricity sockets for fridges, lights.


The respray was done in June 2011 after the above work was completed.


Rust is an inherent part of H vans - there are a few tiny bits here and there. The van has a couple of scuff marks which were the result of someone getting too close (please see photos).


A few panels are made of fibreglass (panels bought from HY spares)- namely the rear hatch, and a couple of side panels- they obviously won't rust!


The mechanical work:


Rebuilt engine with new pistons & liners, con rod bolts, and head gasket set at a cost of £2110.15 at DS Workshop in Barnet.


Other receipts for:


123 Distributor Carb, HT leads Carb, Coolant sealant, fuel pipe at a cost of £420.65 at DS Workshop.


Oil+ Spark plugs+ brake fluid change at a cost of £153.65 at DS Workshop.


All the above was carried out between November 2011 and January 2012. I have the receipts to prove this.


Additionally, electric power steering was fitted. This is truly a godsend and makes the H van so much easier to drive. The conversion was done by Heritage Restoration in Brentford in April 2011 at a cost of £2280.


New battery


New tyres all round




It is taxed for a full 6 months until the 30/09/2012.


Mot expires on February 15th 2013- a long while left.


The van is sold with worktops, storage, spotlights, non-slip flooring etc…

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