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Engine Tappets question

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Just wondering if somebody who knows a thing or two about cars would have a look at this advert. Thinking of test driving this as Im after a little run around.




What does noisy engine tappets mean? is it a major problem? Am I best to steer well clear?


Thanks to anyone who can help :)

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It could just want an oil and filter change,if the oil thats been administered is too thick,that will cause it and the noise should go after the engine ,warms,think there,s a lubricant that you can buy,failing that,it will be a full tappet change.

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Quite a clean looking thing isn't it. Wonder how heavy the tapping is, could even be a big-end, major engine strip down.


Lovely isn't it for its price!


Ive decided to give it a wide berth, far more people have advised that than it being ok.


Ive found something french now :rolleyes::hihi: Having it fully checked tho before buying.


Thanks for all your advice guys x

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