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Footpaths eruption in wisewood

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the new footpaths in wisewood have started to show signs of small volcanos they are coming out in increasing numbers all over the estate some are quite big and in the middle of the footpath a real trip hazard i wonder if this is due to streetforce not putting weed killer down before they tarmaced? or just bad workmanship

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Tarmaced, what is this :huh::confused:


You must be in the posh area :D:hihi:


Round here they used what appeared to be thick black paint to repair the footpaths. The best parts are where Yorkshire Cable dug out to put the optical cable in many many years ago, which gives you some idea of what the rest of the footpaths are like :help::D

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hahaha small volcanoes :hihi:


Ive noticed these too - have them on the path leading to our front door - was it the responsibility of street force to spray with weed killer before the tarmac was laid? The work force responsible for laying the tarmac were so quick when laying it I dont think street force would have realised what was happening as it takes them about a week to respond to anything :)

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