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Please help!!locked out of car..possible deadlock on

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Hi, this morning i went to unlock my 1998 Ford puma and couldnt get in.


It has remote central locking. I pressed the button to unlock the door but the light on the fob just flashed once, and the doors didn't unlock. I tried this around 10 times...still nothing. I have just changed the battery on the fob too.


I tried opening all the doors with the key manually ( including the boot), and nothing....the key turns but doors don't open. I'm thinking deadlocked?!


I called the RAC and the man managed to open the bonnet with a long coat hanger thing, he tested the battery and said it was fine, then closed the bonnet. He tried WD40 on the locks...nothing.


How do I deactivate a deadlock? or get into the car?


Any ideas welcome.

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