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Roadworks on the Parkway Sunday 29th April 2012 (05:00 – 18:00)

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there is no way onto the parkway at the moment from ponds forge round about or the quays exit from derek dooley way. They seem to be doing road works so all the traffic is backed up as it is having to go different ways

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they have put single carrige way from ponds forge to asda at 10 am and the q was just stating to back up to the station. very unusual this one as everytime they like a different combination of cones to confuse you, still suppose the overtimes handy for holidays, will they get double time sunday,plus bit extra for the wet nice for some, ps what are they doing anyway, of course wettest day of the year lets cut some grass.

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Beleive the council are doing their 6 monthly maintenance work.They inspect the c/way both fast lane and slow lane,clean out the gullies,cut the grass,check the lights+signs and inspect the crash barriers and fences so bit of a traffic nightmare as its a long process but the warning signs have been up for weeks.

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From: https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/roads/travel/driving/roadworks/roadworks.html


Sheffield Parkway

Park Square - Prince of Wales (out of City)

Sunday 29th April 2012 (05:00 – 18:00)

Full Lane Closure

Cutlers Gate slip on (out of town) Closed (diversion via Park Square)

Cutlers Gate right hand turn from Parkway (into town) Closed (diversion via Park Square)

Parkway Markets slip on Closed (diversion via Park Square)

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