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Pimping your car and the insurance implications.

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A couple a days ago I was shopping at Heeley Retail Park and a Fiat Punto pulled into the car park. It looked like a pretty typical Fiat Punto apart from a Formula One type spoiler that stuck up about a foot above the roof over the rear window.


I can't help thinking that no one was going to be fooled into thinking this pimpley idiot was a racing driver, but surely such modifications must have serious stbility issues for the vehicle.


I just wonder what the insurance company might say if the vehicle was involved in a serious accident.

What other pimping mods have folks seen that they think could be dangerous and perhaps nullify the insurance cover.

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They are really bad cars. The old ones did not even have an engine temperature gauge on them.

My girlfriend used to like punto's. i begged her to move on to something better.. Now she understands why I don't want them in my life.


Playing macho games with cars. A good egotrip like animals making displays and singing songs to attract the female and show they are the best for mating.

It is the animal hormones inside our body given freedom to express themselves.


I have more respect for that than an politician. Politicians ego is much greater and sneakier, lying all the time trying to achieve impossible goals that have lost all meaning after a year or sooner.

Give them all a punto to pimp up instead of messing other peoples lifes.

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I saw a punto with stupid wideboy wheels that stuck out at least 2" past the bodywork.

Same punto also had a bonnet ornament (i thought they were illegal unless they retract on impact) that was shaped like a sexual organ.


The bonnet ornament would be more appropriate stuck on his head, assuming it was a male organ.

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There doesn't need to be a crash for insurance implications to be considered.


An engine or body modification constitutes a "material change" to the insurer's acceptance or assessment of the risk.

Failure to notify the insurer will mean that the policy may not be in operation.


So, if such a car gets stopped by the Police, a check on the MID may well say "insured" but a closer look at the policy will throw up "this spoiler's not been identified on the policy."


Question for the car driver: is this car more or less likely to get pulled than the average non-modified car?

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Modifications need to be declared to your insurer. There are a few specialist insurers who deal with this sort of thing.


There are even frequently cars for sale which have had engine transplants but they have never been declared so it's down on the log book as a 1.2l when it's actually a 2l for example - not paying correct tax or insured properly.

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