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Help wanted developing screenplays for TV


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I just joined the forum and posted this in the introductions thread, but repeat it here in case it gets missed.


I'm in my thirties, live in Sheffield and have always wanted to write. I've done some creative writing classes, but although I enjoy the 'arty' stuff (poetry and short stories mostly) what I'm interested in is scripts and screenplays for film or (preferably) television. Crime drama especially, although not exclusively.


My current writing heros are Bruno Heller and Donald P. Bellisario, creators of The Mentalist and NCIS respectively. They're series aimed squarely at the popular market, so not too demanding, but witty and smart enough to keep me entertained (ignoring NCIS after it jumped the shark in series 5 - funnily enough about when Bellisario left).


Don't get me wrong, I love deeply things like The Wire and Wallander (Danish version only tho) but:

1) I could never write stuff as good as this, seriously never.

2) Ok, they got on TV - but check out how many countries NCIS is syndicated to.


I'd rather work out something that could sell and write it as well as possible, than write something great then have to work out how to sell it.


I joined the forum hoping someone with a similar point of view might be interested in helping develop some pilot scripts to submit to production companies. I have a few ideas and one or two mostly finished treatments (is that the correct term? I mean like extended outlines) for a crime drama series and a satirical sitcom aimed at the government, but I'm not sure if they're the sort of stuff that would work.


I can create characters, plot out story arcs scene-by-scene, think up new cases and situations... My biggest problem is writing the actual scenes and dialogues.


If there's anyone out there who recognises the dream and thinks they could help, please PM.


Anyhoo, thanks for reading.

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It didn't load? Or at least it did, then it disappeared? (Why am I typing in a Neighbours voice?)


Tried again and got it. Thank you?


Unfortunately I wasn't really looking for practical how-to-format-a-script help. More someone who might be interested in collaboration. It's one of the things some scriptwriting guides suggest giving a go. But thanks anyway.

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and then it loaded?
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"I can create characters, plot out story arcs scene-by-scene, think up new cases and situations... My biggest problem is writing the actual scenes and dialogues."


It seems as if you already have a plot outline and a structure. So, what you're asking someone to do is essentially write out your screenplays for you.


I think it might be beneficial for you to write it yourself, that way you gain experience and you can learn from your mistakes. But if you're still unwilling to do that, I'd be willing to help out, (though my time is quite constricted at the moment, so I can't promise absolute commitment).


I'll PM you my email.




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Ah, sorry if that's the impression I gave. I do write dialogue as well (at least I try) and I don't want someone to tell what to write. I'm not worried about getting my own idea written, I'm looking for a collaborative partnership. I have some ideas, but I'd rather start a new project if it was working with someone else. I do see what you mean though.


I've been visiting a lot of screenwriting websites and collaboration requests usually give details of where people think they have strengths and where they have needs. Quite a lot of people say they can write the scenes and dialogues, but have trouble coming up with narrative arcs and plotting (and yes, I'm in touch with some of them). But I'm hoping maybe someone who felt similarly might live a bit closer than Massachusetts!


Thanks for the feedback. I'll try and explain myself better next time.

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hey im 17 and wanting to start a career in writing tv and movie scripts. i have already written a crime/ drama script but i am looking for someone to write with to make something brilliant enough to be put on tv. im great with coming up with new ideas but still learninghow to formatt a script correctly. if you interested email me , ben0987@hotmail.co.uk

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