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Fireworks going off on Woodthorpe

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I was. But now I know what it is.....no not really. Thanks for telling me what it is. Just put your TV volume louder. I've heard worse round here.


I wouldn't usually mind so much but have a poorly daughter who's now awake, crying and can't get back off because of it :( Good job there's no school run tomorrow so hopefully i may get a lyin :)

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Oh dear. Well I'm sure it will ceasefire soon. In the meantime, console yourself that every dog in the area must be tucked up inside somewhere. It's actually a rather peaceful Saturday night considering.

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whats it all about then, as some body been let out of jail


I don't think so....just another inane thread on Sheffield Forum. I don't pop by much these days. But sometimes I just get that urge to post.

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