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Hodkin & Jones Ltd.


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I am interested in the history of the Building firm of Hodkin & Jones Ltd. Sheffield. In the early days, there were horse-drawn carts and hand carts used to deliver materials to the various sites.

As well as being builders merchants there was also a thriving concrete, plaster, tiling, terrazzop and mosaic departments.

I would be very interested in seeing any photographs of the firm and the men who worked there plus any information relating to this firm from family or friends.

If anyone has any such infofmation/photographs I would love to be able to copy them to use in my research and any material sent to me will be returned after I copy it.

I can be contacted at this email address len@frobson.co.uk



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Harry Fearn was my dad- he not only did the Black Swan, but also sculpted the Egyptian Room in the Sidewalk cafe on Chapel Walk, complete with sphinx, and also the Horse and Lion at Norfolk Park. The main part of his work at Hodkin and Jones was designing and carving plaster relief architraves, celing roses etc. He would first draw the design, sculpt in wood and then make a mould from fibreglass. Sadly he died in 1971 but as far as I am aware his designs are still used all these years later.

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Thanks Amanda. I did know your father Harry and his brother Frank.

Have you any photos of them ? Or of H & J. Could you scan them if you have.

Do you know what year Frank died ? I worked with Frank before I left Sheffield.

Len F.

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I have loads of pics somewhere- I also have a newspaper article about my dad when he was the subject in a short BBC programme "Artist in a Boiler Suit". I'll try and get round to digging them out and get them copied- might take a while though! Frank died in 1987, the same week as my mum. Frank and my dad really were a pair of characters. I remember bits n bobs from Hodkin and Jones, (William Monks?) On monday evenings there was a swimming club at Heeley baths on Broadfield Road, and on tuesdays one of the employees taught ballroom dancing but I can't remember where. I also remember I think shortly after my dad died, my mum talking about a "scandal" in which an employee died. He was afraid of heights, but ?David Monks insisted he climb a ladder to do a job- the man subsequently had a heart attack and died. Whether it was mum who was disillusioned with the company, or whether they really were sinking into disrepute- I don't know but I was left with the feeling that all was not well and employees were disgruntled. I remember one of the directors came to the house at christmas with a cheque for £25. not a lot when I think how much they must have made out of my dad's talent

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