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Are greedy bankers to blame for our violent streets?

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/The rich 'few' do more damage to societies than simply siphoning off wealth.

Creating a gap between rich and poor causes violence that affects every level of society.

Men are more likely to be violent if the country they live in is unequal, researchers have found.

A feeling of unfairness seems to fan flames of violence.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2132109/Are-greedy-bankers-blame-violent-streets-Men-brawl-societies-gap-rich-poor-biggest.html#ixzz1sWzCDrRy


The evidence for this is well founded...



Here is a short publication from a fellow at Sheffield University.




It considers the murder rate, and is titled, 'Inequality kills'.


Between 1981 and 1985, people living in the poorest 10 per

cent of areas were 4.5 times more likely to be murdered than those

living in the richest ten per cent. By 2000, the poorest 10 percent were six

times more likely to be murdered. Some simple projections using

figures for the 1980s and 1990s help illustrate these trends. In the richest

neighbourhoods, for every 100 murders that we might ‘expect’ to

take place if the national average were applied equally, only 50

occurred. In the poorest 10 per cent of council wards, using the same

measure, there were around 300 murders compared to the 100

expected. In fact, the rise in murders in Britain has been concentrated almost

exclusively amongst men of working age living in the poorest parts of the

country. Living in the areas most affected by the recession and high

unemployment of the early 1980s, many of these men left school at 15

or 16 and were unable to find work. In each case, there is no simple

causal relationship at play. Murders typically result from a complex

interplay of factors – including social exclusion, esteem and status – as well

as a considerable degree of bad luck. For every murder victim, dozens of

others have been ‘almost murdered’. There is a common myth that gun

crime is behind high murder rates in poor areas. In fact, a higher

proportion of rich people are killed by guns than poor people. The most

common way of being murdered in poor areas was through being cut with

a knife or broken glass. Most murders are shockingly banal – such as a fight

after a night out drinking in which a threat was made and someone




Consider Sweden, perhaps the happiest society in the world.


Look at the homicide rate, from 1400 AD till now...




From the period 1820-1949, Sweden was the only country in the entire world to have not engaged in war, the society was a very equal one, and the murder rate was low.


Consider how income inequality rose up until World War 2 began, and then decreased for the following 20-30 years.


The statistics of spree and thrill killing vs time, which appear to peak after recessions.

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Guest sibon


I've just looked out of my window.


It doesn't look very violent out there.


Mind you. I can't see any bankers either, so perhaps you are right.

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Poor parental skills and a lack of discipline are more to blame than the banker (and I hate the bankers too)


But then some might say the lack of discipline comes from parents listening to all the namby-pamby busybodies (most of which never had kids) that go round saying "oh you can't do this, you can't do that with your kids"


When I was a kid, if I did something wrong it was a slap round the back of my legs. It hurt and I learnt that doing something wrong hurt so I stopped doign things wrong


Now days it's what "stand in the corner for 10 mins", Pathetic.

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No, greed is to blame for our violent streets. The riots where not people who where starving or fighting for more rights, they just wanted to steal the latest trainers from footlocker while the police where busy.


Some in our society want everything for nothing. Just ask a school class what job they want when they grow up. I bet you will find the boys want to be footballers, and the girls want to marry a footballer.

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A duck drown in the river today. Do you think the bankers were responsible for that too?


Yes because they lent the money that allowed people to spend, which contributed to climate change, which cause the flash floor that swept down river and drown the duck. :(

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