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Camping recipes

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As a change from bbqing, I've been looking for recipes online that will be suitable for a 2 week tent hol I'm taking this summer. Looking in particular for vegetarian main meals that we can cook on 2 small stoves.

Can't seem to find much so I wondered whether anybody had any suggestions.

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are you planning to walk between camps every day, carry all your supplies, or turn up in the car and leave your stuff at base camp, so it's shelf life rather than weight that's important?


We're staying for a week each in 2 places in Wales which are pretty much off the beaten track, but will have the car. My days of carrying a huge backpack have long gone, and prefer a few home comforts these days lol.

I just fancy doing a bit more cooking than we've done in the past instead of eating out all the time, especially as there aren't all that many places where we're going anyway.

Pasta recipes would be good I suppose, and I'll have a look in CCC for the book Agent Orange has suggested.

We've found one or two recipes on line but wouldn't mind a few more.

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The curry idea sounds good. A veg curry would work!

I looked for The Camping Cookbook on line and was put off by the £8.99 price on Amazon! I was half hoping to find something free somewhere on line!

However, there was a small booklet that was on offer at £1.35 including postage, so I've pushed the boat out and ordered it!

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Pot Noodles?:P:oActually, I don't know why i'm doing that, that's what I have!

Those new packet Heinz meals work well and there are those squirty soups in the tube that you add water too as well which don't take up much room.

Also stuff like cous cous and bulgar wheat which bulk up but keep a long time. There are some fairly new lazy lentils, sundried tomatoes and mushrooms in blue and silver packets in different supermarkets that i look forward to experiementing with too and don't need refridgeration.

Think store cupboard and then add onions and veg that you don't need to refrigerate.

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