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Misleading film promotion, why?


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Why on Earth are some films made out to be something they are not? By this I don't just mean overhyped, but actually marketed as a totally different genre. It only leads to poor reviews in my opinion.


One example of this is "Lost in translation" billed as the funniest film of the year. It's not a comedy. I was sat through the whole film waiting for the jokes that never came. I watched a second time with a fresh mind and really enjoyed it for what it actually is.


Another one is JCVD (Jean Claude Van Damme), marketed as an action flick "Van damme is BACK!", with explosions and martial-arts scenes on the cover. It's not an action film at all and is very quiet with some touching scenes. I thought it was very good but was actually expecting a (very poor) action film!


What mis-marketed movies have you seen? Did you enjoy them or did it put a damper on your expectations?

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was marketed as a fluffy, feel-good Harry Potter in Narnia meets Jumanji, with no indication at all of what eventually transpires.
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I'll add Adam Sandler's Funny People to that. A decent film, but it was billed out and out comedy.

As to why they do it, I would have thought the answer would be obvious, to trick as much money out of the cinema goer as they can. I applaud the pirate for robbing these artless scumbags.

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