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Speaking Event at Red Tape with i Monster and Bill Bruford


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Apologies for using an early post to advertise an event.. I intend to be a more frequent user of this place as time goes on.


I'm a local audio software engineer/drummer/sound engineer; I'm putting on an event at Red Tape on the 22nd May. The intention is to create an environment for musicians and audio geeky types to be informed and entertained about aspects of the audio-tech world, from the points of view of those who make the stuff and those who use it.


I have software company GForce coming to speak - they make the best selling emulation of a Mellotron, and a very fine virtual MiniMoog, along with a number of other recreations of classic analogue synths. They are intending to bring hardware & software examples.


Local electronic group I Monster will be talking about their use of old gear, new gear and whatever else they can get their hands on; and will probably be touching on their involvement on the recent Human League album.


Veteren drummer Bill Bruford, who has played with Yes, King Crimson and Genesis (amongst many, many others) will be speaking about his involvement with changes in tech over the years - drums being mic'ed, rototoms, electronic drums, etc.


Starts at 14:00, and runs until 20:30. Tickets for Bill's talk can be bought separately, his part of the day starting at 18:30. There will be Q&A after each talk.


Hopefully this will be the first of a series.


This is aimed at anyone with a broad interest in the hows and whys of the modern music scene, and is open to all. Pricing is available via the eventbrite link.











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Sounds great! Both of which are artists I very much respect.


I'm currently unemployed, so I'd qualify for the concessionary rate, but what happens if I buy a ticket now and I become employed in the meantime? Would I just be able to pay the extra fiver on the door? Thanks!

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yep, extra on door is fine.


Hope you find work soon :-) I was made redundant just over 18 months ago - in many ways it saved my sanity! I'm now self employed doing a variety of things I'd never have had the guts to take on had I not been put in the position of having to make it work.


I look forward to seeing you there!



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Thanks! I know what you mean... I'm currently trying to start up my own business too. Tired of doing three times my share of work in offices whilst others just sit around chatting! I'll get my ticket next week when my bank balance looks healthier (hopefully)!



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Just an quick bump with something posted by one of the guys who will be speaking on his facebook account:


"While Mr Bruford and the I Monster gents will no doubt be talking sense, I'll ranting about the history of synthesis and will have some of our old toys to drool over. It's in Sheffield on 22nd May and if anyone's around it'd be great to see you there.


The idea is to take the OSCar, ARP 2600, ARP Odyssey, Minimoog, Oberheim Four Voice, EMS AKS, Chamberlin M1 MIDI but if anyone's got a request, lemme know and I'll see what we can do"


If this whets anyone's appetite, then do come along on the 22nd :-)



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