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Do you want 2 weeks free fitness.. no strings..

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Is your gym not working for you? Or are you not seeing the results as quick as youd like?? Well how about having 2 WEEKS FREE GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING AT PRIME MOVER!



This is no normal gym, no tredmills etc. They use Kettlebells, Tractor tyres, TRX suspension trainers, dumbells, sledgehammers, as well as your own bodyweight.. you dont need to be super buff or strong to try it out, everyone there is at their own level from beginner to advanced, but everyone helps each other!

It is the most amazingly supportive and Fun place to work out, thats right its FUN.


2 WEEKS FREE, NO COST, NOWT. IF YOU DONT LIKE IT, NO BOTHER and more importantly theres absolutely no PRESSURE to sign up.


If you are interested you can call FREEPHONE 0808 147 6979

or email info@prime-mover.co.uk, they're on Facebook Page: primemoveruk and on twitter @PrimeMover_UK and mention Becci on the sheffield forum.


I hope to see some of you down there soon!!

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