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Indroducing in new home


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Let them discover at their pace I would say. Don't force too much on them too soon, but at the same time put rules in place if you have no desire for them to go freely through the entire house.


Be prepared for accidents and a loss of appetite; new surroundings often lead to a day or two of fussy eating.


You might want to crate train early, have toys to hand to reduce chewing of furniture. Treats as reward for good behaviour.


You can get books on all aspects of training and particular breeds that will help identify traits and aid in recognising behaviour patterns; handy if these are the first dogs you've had.


I'm sure there's a whole host of other things that people will advise also.


Best of all, enjoy them and they will respond to you.

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when we bought our first house, skye had lived outside all her life. we hadnt got the house when we bought her but the sale was going through so she just lived outside at my mums where we were living in the mean time.


when we did get it, it was a reposession and had been empty a while so it was in a state. we spent the first two weeks ripping the bathroom out and decorsting the kitchen. skye was allowed to roam around the house and garden as she pleased while we did the work (spent most of her time pestering my dad in the bathroom :hihi: ) and she loved it. Even now she loves just being on her bed and shakes if we tell her to go outside when its raining. She never destroys anything in the house either, unlike the other two who have always lived inside. the first couple of weeks seemed to introduce the house to her nicely without a big change over night.


We did have one problem though, the first time she went upstairs, she didnt know how to get down and had to be carried. so i spent the second day, teaching a great dane to walk downstairs on her own

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^^^This made me chuckle :D


As has been said, let the dog explore at their own pace. Its going to be very strange for them at first but a dog will look to you to see how to act, and when they realise your relaxed they will too eventually. Don't force it; let them explore, or leave them to hide. To be honest, I'd totally ignore an anxious dog as comforting them reinforces that there's something to worry about. Familiar smells on blankets etc will be comforting too. Leave them be and they'll come round :)

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