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How to stop toddler biting??


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Does anyone have any advice on how to stop my 18 month old boy biting?


He is a lovely cheeky boystrous little boy but has been biting ever since he got teeth. I keep on thinking it is a stage and he will grow out of it but I have been to friends today and yet again he has bitten another child. There is always a motive when he bites and it is usually because he can't get his own way and the child he bites takes something off him or won't let him play with a toy.


I have tried many things including biting him back, ignoring his behaviour, tapping his hand, telling him its wrong and I even make him say sorry by cuddling or kissing the child he has bitten.


I am just getting really upset over this and am on edge every time I take him to play with other children. I have a 4 year old daughter who has never done anything like this so am really struggling on what to try next.

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I hope for your/his sake he will grow out of this otherwise he find that nobody wants to play with him, and could even be expelled from nursery/play group/school. My reaction (old fashioned/illegal? by todays standards) would be to smack him. He will soon get the message.

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My little boy went through the same thing at 18 months and I tried all the things you've said and nothing worked either. I used to be paranoid about taking him out with other children and watched him like a hawk.


I kept a careful eye on when he did it most and it always seemed to coincide with when he had teeth coming through so I think the pain was so bad he didn't seem to have much patience and lashed out more.


All I can say is that he will grow of it. Nothing I did stopped him but he has changed and doesn't do it at all now.

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