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Why are Wednesday’s season tickets more expensive than Uniteds?


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I really don’t understand this, to renew both mine and my lads season ticket is around 20% more than the equivalent price at United and that was at discounted rates and before the likelihood of Uniteds promotion.


This doesn’t make any sense, I thought both clubs were now being subjected to the financial fair play regulations and having to live within their means and I’m struggling to see how a club deemed “not fit for purpose financially” cannot therefore have to put their prices up to reflect their expenditure.


Once again, I will add that this is a terrific price (£279) for fans going to watch football and Bramall Lane should be packed to the rafters next season. I actually think the £319 I’m paying is good value as well and hopefully this will provide the revenue to get us out of League 1 next season if need be.


But for United surely this is going to mean another great big loss, which I didn’t think they could do under the new rules.

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