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Great Acting Voices


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What are the greatest actors which had the most amazing voice and presence, mine is as follows...


Robert Stack (1919–2003)


From watching old Unsolved Mysteries episodes, he has an epic and spin tingling voice and his way of describing things was immense.


James Earl Jones


Darth Vader, need I say more.


Patrick Stewart


Whether it be Family Guy or Star Trek, you have to say his voice transcends all genres.


Morgan Freeman


Can anyone be any cooler than Morgan, he was Mr Shawshank.


Adam West


For being as crafty as an Ox.


Donald Pleasence (1919–1995)


For being the first ever James Bond baddie and for delivering the most epic dialogue ever in the original Halloween.

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Sam Jackson. His 'Go the [removed] to Sleep' is a joy.


Two fine radio voices: Peter Coke (a superb Paul Temple. No longer with us, alas) and Clive Merrison (Radio 4's Sherlock Holmes; none have surpassed him in the role).

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George Sanders: from playing the Falcon and the Saint in the 40's, to the voice of Shere Khan in Disney's 'Jungle Book', he was the smoothest of the smooth.


Charles Gray: a film presence and a great radio voice. Brilliant as Mycroft Holmes in film and on TV.


Fenella Fielding: far more than just the vamp from 'Carry On Screaming', I could listen to her reading all day. In the latest series of 'Skins' too.

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