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Upgrading Lightroom 3


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I'm using 4 and get on with it very well. The exposure controls are different as Paul says but to me they make a lot more sense now and I love how they work with the histogram, really intuitive. It feels a bit faster and the various tweaks and little new features I do think makes it worth the upgrade.

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Anyone using Lightroom 4?, and if so what is the general opinion? is it worth upgrading Lightroom 3?
Absolutely, it's like upgrading your camera. The ability to recover detail in highlights and shadows is brilliant. It also reduces that nasty transition to blown highlights which has always been an issue with digital photography.

This image suffered from a blown sky and a flash that failed to fill in and with LR4 I've finally got an image I think is finally acceptable.

Not to mention the new book module and the mapping module...

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No fill light !!!!! I use that a fair bit

Some of the key exposure tools have been renamed and also how their sliders work. Basically if you remember that you now drag all the basic sliders to left to darken and to right to lighten, it's easy to grasp. Far more sensible than the previous way in LR actually.

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