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Cockateil and cage For sale


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Rehome or Sale?-Sale

Reason for Rehome / Sale-to be VERY HONEST ihavnt a clue how to deal with him , hes noisy and clearly very unhappy, im doing all the things im supposed to do and trying but this bird needs an owner who knows about cockateils

Sale Amount-£50(bird was £30 cage was £80


Type of bird to Rehome / Sell-Cockateil

With or Without Cage?-With cage

Is the bird hand tame-No

Age & Sex-Only a young bird, bought from garden centre dec 2011


Live in / out

Any Current or Historical Health Issues-no

Temperament-not very sociable

Any special knowledge needed-very noisy bird (screams in morning then settles down later on, this is a daily occurrence, with the right owner he could do ok)

General Information you can share

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Try millit from pet shop to try and tame it,I bought a budgie last year and he wouldn't let me any where near him so I did some reading on the Internet and millit spray is really good with the taming process,he's now hand tame and loves to be out of his cage and loves to play with me and just this week has learned to wolf whistle,it takes alot of time but so worth it,he even goes to his bars and try's kissing me,Wish I'd got the funds to take in your cockatiel but I havnt but good luck and I hope you can find him a good home..

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hiya, ive tried the millett and the fruit sticks you can buy from pets at home etc...yes hes quiet when hes got them he can devour one of those seed and fruit bells in about 10 mins!...after all his treats are exhausted he starts again!!!, id let him go for free but the whole set up cost me a mint, plus i like the little bugger too, but when hes screaming it hurts my ears literally! x

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