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Stolen staffy male *home*


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Hi my full pedigree staff was stolen on sunday night he hasn't escaped cos there's no possible way for him to get out. I've reported him to police and dog wardens. He is microchipped and he is brindle with a White chest and very stocky. He has a black studded collar and is 6 years old. A family pet and we are missing him greatly. Any info would be greatly appreciated we are in s5 near northern general. Please keep your eyes peeled I will try to upload some pics ASAP. Thankyou.

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Glad he is home and safe. Lets hope he does not go again. Might be worth getting a padlock for the gate if you think someone let him out on purpose, just for your peace of mind.

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We believe he was pulled under our gate because he has some cuts on his back, the gate does have some padlocks on but it doesn't deter people, we also believe he was taken for mating because since we've had him back he's just been whining and from previous experience of breeding him ourselves it's exactly the same, a big thanx to everyone for your kind words especcially jinxsta

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