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Any one have an interview with Askclient solutions sheffield?

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This job whatever the title they use is really door to door sales!!!!!. I applied for the graduate surveyor position expecting to learn and get experience in a surveying environment (buildings, land surveying etc)


I went to the interview and was not told much about the role.they just tell you you can become manager in 6-12month and an earn up to 25k once you train and meet criteria. I was told I would be meeting clients and I asked whether these clients are pre determined and the guy says "yes, some know we are coming" it is not until I got to Barnsley that I realised that we were knocking on people's doors asking about insulation and funding.


Note: the story changed from door to door depending on who opened and what their attitude was.


It is a great initiative but i think titles like "Customer service" and "junior surveyor" have been used to bring in as many people as possible. If you want to walk around estates selling/promoting goods and services this place is for you! make sure you are nice and warm too by the way.


This company is called Ask client solutions but there are various other names I saw ending with "client solutions" and initials CCL etc The office is in City centre opposite primark

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