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hi i have gone to update the German Shepperd rescue

page on the facebook & i have noticed that quite a few

are not on the urgent rehoming anymore dose this mean

that they have been rehomed that's great if they have

can you please just let me know witch ones have gone

if they have please thank you :thumbsup:

then i can put them dawn as rehomed :)



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Sorry I didn't spot this earlier fabcakes.


The easiest way for you to keep up to date is to refer to the main site for the dogs which are currently available or on the urgent list. They get removed from the urgent list within a day or two of being rehomed, so if a dog isn't on the main listings any more then that's a confirmation that they have found a forever home :)


Unfortunately because we all work in regions, I can't tell you in any details about a dog that's not in the North East, so we have to work with who is showing as available if we're discussing dogs from other regions with potential adopters too.


GSDR urgent list

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that's great then last time i went on their was quite a few

there was 4 pages then when i looked again it was 2 pages

so that's great news to know that quite a few have got homes

i wonder if the facebook page is helping

i have had quite a few asking about other dogs as well

whether they are suitable is another thing i just send them the

link to the website even though its on there anyway but hey

if it finds them a great forever home it doesn't matter :thumbsup:

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Oh yes, any amount of raising the profile is appreciated and could help dogs find really great forever homes :)


Along with virtually every rescue, we're struggling with more requests to take dogs in and less people looking to rehome at the moment, so goodwill of all sorts is key to keeping going and being in people's minds if they are up for adopting a new furry family member :D

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when gwenda went i instantly wanted another Sheppard

i just love them so much & updating the facebook page just sent

me crazy looking at all those gorgeous shepherds needing homes

Buckley - Hereford relay did it every time i see him he reminds

me of a Shepperd we rescued years ago she was called lucky

she was 7 years old & had been used as a breeding machine

every single season she had from the 1st one , she had pups

all one one side of her body was was absolutely thin while on

the other side of her she was all quite lean it was relay strange

to see when we had her to the vet he said it will have been because

she spent most of her life laid on that side with the puppy's

we built her upon rice & offal she absolutely loved it

she relay did start to look well we had her for 1 1/2 years

until one day we went for a walk in our local park & she saw a cat

that had come into the park & she chased after it & got run over & died

there & then we didn't know she was like this with other cats as we had

one ourselves & she never ever bother her even when we was out with

on the lead & she saw them she never shown any interest at all what

so ever so we was shocked when this happened we could let her off the

lead in the park & she never bother anyone even other dogs but Buckley - Hereford

just looks like her its so sad to see a lot of oldies in & i know that quite a few

of them the owners have had no choice i would never like to be in that predicament


here is a couple of pics of them sorry the pictures aren't very good i didn't have a

camra with a flash then it didn't take very good pictures unless it was bright sunshine :roll:





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