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Night out for disabled and carers

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Hi my names Rich, I have searched the internet for nights out for the disabled but couldn't find one, not sure if its because no ones interested or if no one can be bothered? anyway I thought I would organise one to see if there is any interest! The night is open to everyone no matter what your disability it is also for carers who fancy a night out. I suffered a stroke 5 years ago and haven't really been out since I'm sure there must be others that are in a similar situation or maybe you just fancy meeting new people I wont arrange a time and date yet. :D

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Hi Rich, there is a night that takes place have a look at under the stars, in fact there is an event tommorow evening taking place in Sheffield, all the information is on the website. Good luck.


Yeah i did see this one but its aimed at people with learning difficulties. This is aimed at the rest of us disabled and carers if desired no offence but we deserve our own night where we arent limited to one club, but can call at as many pubs we wanted and maybe call for something to eat whether thats at restaurant or grabbing a bab while changing pubs lol! Im all for inclusion thats why its aimed at a general disabled people and not for example just stroke survivors or people who have lost a limb whilst playing hop scotch on a train track! But at least I know people are reading the thread. :)

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no offence, but I might be a disabled person but I dont like the idea of being pidgeon holed with other disabled people. Its not like a specific interest group where we might have something in common..


The name says it all!!!

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