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Burlesque Lessons, The Shakespeare, 24th April 2012


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Recommended by International burlesque magazine 'Burlesque Bible'!


A ten week Burlesque course which will begin on Tuesday the 24th of April in the upstairs room at The Shakespeare pub, Sheffield.


The classes will begin with 'An Introduction to Burlesque' and then slowly progress from week to week aiming to give you a full understanding of burlesque within a jam-packed ten week course.


Attend all ten lessons, or drop into the ones which interest you the most, but either way, do let us know you're coming by emailing info@secretsoftheboudoirburlesque.com.


"Quite literally the most fun I've had in years!"


"I loved the Friendly, Girlie atmosphere and have made a couple of new friends too. I also loved having the opportunity to be creative and come up with the concept and choreography for my own routine. I now feel sexy again and ready to embrace my new found confidence."


"I think the selling point for me is that this is not a class about learning to take your clothes off (stripping) it is about freedom, self expression and empowerment. Deadly and Cherry were both fabulous and supportive teachers, bringing a different approach and encouraging us to develop our own way to be Burlesque."


"You will be amazed at the confidence, knowledge and friends you will gain in just a few short weeks, even if you dont want to perform on stage, I would still say go for it, no matter what age you are, what weight you are you will be amazed at the power of a womans body, And how to use it."


-Class members Feb-April 2012.


Email info@secretsoftheboudoirburlesque.com to book your place today.

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