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Local reputable rat and hamster breeders?


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Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me. We are wanting either a Syrian hamster or two rats for our family home. We've kept both in the past.


I'm not sure which it's going to be, yet, hence the request for info on the best place to get both.


I would rather get happy, healthy animals from reputable breeders, but I have no idea where to start, as our last ones came from a large pet store.


Any help would be appreciated, thanks :)

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Hi cosy :) We got Olive our Syrian from breeder number 8 here. She is friendly and has never bitten unlike every other hamster I've ever had (she is my first from a breeder, my others were rescues and one pet shop hammy much to my shame. All were lovely in their own way but Olive is by far the tamest! )


Good luck in your search :)

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I got my two rats from Gleedless Pet Shop. I only went in to look for cages but the owners were telling me they breed all their animals themselves. I could tell from the way he talked about them that he really cared for all of his animals. He treats them all like his own pets until they are sold.


When i went upstairs to look at the rats, he was telling me about each individual one. He knew their personalities, which were the shy ones, the playful ones etc. And before he let me take them home, he was asking me questions, making sure i knew how to care for them properly. He took my name and address too and recorded which ones he'd sold to me. He said to just call in if i had any problems or needed any advice.


I'd highly recommend him.


I do know that Lilyland is an excellent, highly recommended rat breeder too :)

Netherlands Boarding and Rescue Kennels- 'Giving Local Dogs A Chance' http://www.netherlandsdogrescue.co.uk

Mill House Animal Sanctuary- 'For The Neglected We Care' http://www.animalsheltersheffield.co.uk

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Thank you, angel22, I might try them.


Lillyland has been lovely and helpful by pm, but unfortunately she hasn't any suitable rats for us at the minute.


I'm hoping to find some little lads to complete our family in 2-3 weeks, certainly within a month. I didn't realise I'd set myself such a hard task...

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