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Has any1 ever been to Play Space UK??


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Its my daughters 1st birthday coming up soon and I've googled 'play centres for babies' and one of the centres on the list that came up was Play Space UK. Its at Ranmoor and the website looks and it sounds good, but I can't find any reviews and don't know anyone who's been!


Have you been? Did your little one enjoy it?


Thank you x

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Got the wrong name of play centre!!
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Yes it's a nice little soft play centre in what used to be a church hall.


They have an upstairs section for older children with a ball pit/slide/climbing frame and a room downstairs for babies.


Because it's quite small, you can see the children at all times while you sit and have a drink/chat which I like.


It is looking a little shabby in places. Some of the toilets/taps have been broken for a few months and there's quite a bit of tape fixing some rips on the climbing frame.


My son does love it there and it's not as noisy as other places.

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It's a nice, smallish play area for toddlers and older kids upstairs with a baby area downstairs with a small cafe serving drinks, small meals and very good cake. It's a litle on the pricey side for both entry and food and drinks, but my 2 year old son loves it. Try not to go when there is a party on as it gets very crowded.

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Thank you for your replies, I've popped in today and it does look a lovely place.

However with the age range of our guest list it wouldn't be suitable as some will be happier upstairs and others happier downstairs. And with it being a party I would like every1 in the same place!

So back to the drawing room!

Thank you again

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Just a thought...


If you're planning a party for the weekend/after school/school holidays...make sure you see

the play centre(s) at these times...they are very different to how they are in school hours!


IMO Play areas at these time are not the best places for little ones because of the huge amount of older kids charging about!!!


If your wanting a party at the weekend...Wacky warehouse at coal Aston (2 mins from s8) do parties for £7.50/hour plus an extra £45 gets you exclusive hire...it's fairly small place but be nice to have it to yourselves. Not been to a party there myself so don't know what it's like but the place is nice and they do nice coffee!


Anyway hope this helps...x

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