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Is everyone too scared to post.


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It's gone awfully quiet on this section,is everyone holding back because they don't want to jinx results.?


I don't think it's quiet Rossy?


I've had a ball getting bites for my fishing net on another thread from Blades that only come on here every decade or so :hihi:


All good fun :thumbsup:

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I've not gone anywhere, still posting my usual rubbish.

Nothing confirmed yet, no game easy for either club, Wigan won at The Emirates last night, so owt can happen in the 3rd Division an'all.

I'll be here win, lose or draw. Whether United get automatic or not, whether Wednesday are promoted or not.

I won't count any chickens, or throw in the towel though like some posters on here. Owt can happen, and summat probably will.

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Twitter is where it's at these day's really, that's why the forum as a whole is quiet in my opinion, forums are a bit old fashioned compared to that really.


Oh yes I am getting into the old Twitter - prefer it better to facebook now :)

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