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Is Sheffield Bigger Than Manchester?

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Most Mancs have rather large egos. And the place reeks of drugs. I'm quite glad we have the pennines between us. I will never drive on the snake pass to meet a bunch of sloped headed morons.


Oasis are rubbish as well. Artic Monkeys blow them away.



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Metropolitan District of The City Of Sheffield: population: 555,000, area: 367km2

Metropolitan District of The City Of Manchester: population: 498,000, area: 115km2


Source needed. The Manchester conurbation is more populous, than Sheffield, going well byond the Metropolitan district. Definition makes the difference as much of the Greater Manchester area belongs to other districts. More sheep live in Sneffield than Manchester:-)

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Source needed.
Wikipedia, which quotes the individual councils themselves.


Definition makes the difference as much of the Greater Manchester area belongs to other districts.
You've got to compare like with like. Either compare the metropolitan district of Manchester with the metropolitan district of Sheffield, or compare the metropolitan county of Greater Manchester with the metropolitan county of South Yorkshire. You can't compare a Greater Manchester with Sheffield District.
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It's a bit like saying London is smaller than Sheffield because the City of London is smaller or Westminster is smaller. When you're in Manchester you may have just wandered into Salford which is regarded as a seperate city. Trafford where Man Utd play is also not included in Manchesters demographics and suburbs like Droylsden and Denton for example are considered Tameside. Oldham is about 6 miles from Piccadily and I think Stockport is about the same. That's before you get to Bury, Rochdale, Bolton etc. It's just one huge urban mass


So you see it's a bit of an anomaly to say Shefffield is bigger than Manchester


Barnsley, Chesterfield and Donny are quite seperate places from Sheffield Rotherhams closer

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The City of Sheffield is bigger than the City of Manchester.....End of!


The whole metropolitan area around Manchester has a far bigger population, because there are many other towns and cities very close by (Oldham, Bolton, Bury, Salford, Stockport etc).


I guess it depends how you want to define it.


I've seen stats showing Nottingham has a bigger population than Sheffield, but in reality Sheffield has nearly twice the population of Nottingham.







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It obviously depends how you measure city size. We've had this thread a hundred times before.


If it's purely on population within the local authority districts with those names then yes, Sheff is bigger. But that is a quirk of our local government system (that is overdue for reform, but there are no votes in it so it never happens). It doesn't stand up to scrutiny when you visit those places or show visitors around them. Manchester is the capital of an English region (the NW), it's the second city of England (Birmingham would argue that it also has this status), it has a very large travel-to-work area, an important international airport, art galleries, the BBC etc etc. It has 10 constituent boroughs (much like a smaller version of London), plus all the posh bits that are still in Cheshire that didn't want to join Greater Manchester.


Sheff is great, but we need to understand where it sits in importance in England/UK. We're behind Nottingham and Leeds as they are both regional centres. We are on the next rung down. Nottm has loads of silly little council districts round it which really need to be included into the City itself (local govt reform needed).

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