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What is happening in handsworth s13

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not a lot other than a spate of burglaries. its on the rise, have you not seen the news?

unfortunately there are some nice houses in handsworth that are attracting the thieving scum who know they dont face much chance of the police catching them, SYP are not very pro-active with burglary and not very good at clearing them up.

burglary is seen as a soft crime, people have insurance so its allright, well its not. SYP and the local courts need to smarten up.

whereabouts are you in handsworth btw? did the owners have alarms and security? too many soft touches around unfortunately.

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Handsworth hasn't exactly been a haven of a crimeless society of the years, rather the opposite, it's not rife but it's prevalent. It borders some dodgy areas.


i've lived in handsworth in private housing for 20yrs and its a nice area, with not that much crime. recently there has been a sustained increase in burglary, very noticeable, and you are right its from the dodgy surrounding areas most certainly. however touch wood we have no crack houses, druggies, canabis factory finds weekly and the like. its just annoying that burglary is on the up with the local police seemingly incapable of cracking it.

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The people have been done between 7.30 and 10pm ?? So still light and the people found knifes in the between which was taken from the kitchen incase any1 was still in our estate has never been like this I have live here since 1999 and not 1 person has been robbed Police been to 2 houses all day trying to get evidence and police cars are coming on the estate at nite live just behind the Brantley estate and the cost cutter !!!

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They are nice houses and a nice family estate touch wood the will find the thieving fingers ASAP


thats the trouble, people want it all for free without working and paying for it, there is little or no chance of being caught in the act burglary is seen as a lesser crime, community service or a fine for ripping peoples lives apart and spoiling their enjoyment of their own home.

luckily its a very nice area and at some point hopefully they will leave some dna behind and get their day in court. did the owners have any alarms fitted tho?

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