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Looking for some ten-minute short films about the Planets?


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On UK TV about 5-10 years ago there was a series of educational but creative ten-minute shorts (between programmes) about the Planets and our Solar system, using really good graphics and clips from major artists old and new, like Bowie, etc.


A friend said it was Planet Earth (Attenborough) which had hour-long episodes followed by ten-minute 'making of's, but the one I'm looking for wasn't about nature, but the Solar System.


There was no presenter, but a narrator explaining what was happening in our Galaxy as the 'journey' progressed.


I don't know how many were made (shown each weekday at about 5-6pm) by whom or even the name of the series.

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Thanks alchresearch,


This could be the one I remember, but on the preview I have just seen there was no popular music being played, which featured throughout the series in question (of 10-mins shorts) almost non-stop.

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There was a major BBC series called "The Planets" a few years ago, but it was very science based, certainly not silent. Be aware though, any series made more than 10 years ago will now be out of date because our understanding of the Solar Systems is changing all the time. eg Pluto isn't a planet anymore, it's a MINOR planet along with lots of others.

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