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Tips for finding cheap train tickets to London

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I would not mind going to London on Friday and coming back Saturday or Sunday. I am flexible with times. Other than the train line, are there good places to look for offers? I can't find anything cheap but don't travel on trains often so might be missing good sites or offers.





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To get the decent offers you need to book 13 weeks in advance. So many cheaper tickets are released but these are snapped up almost straight away.


Cheaper than the train though is Mega Bus which goes from Meadowhall. If you're travelling at an unpopular time of day, it can be extremely cheap.

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If you use Red Spotted Hankey or Trainline you will pay more as they charge for the use of their sevice.

The train operators like East Midlands and East Coast do not. Use them. They use different software so they can provide different information. I find East Coast the best for splitting tickets information and East Midlands for deals.

Try Megabus- they do a limited number of trains as well.

Often singles are cheaper than returns

You are travelling at times when there are fewer cheaper tickets available so book in advance.

Try after trains that leave after 10:00am and after 7:00pm

Split ticketing can be very much cheaper but has risks but is totally legal.

Example book tickets from Sheffield to Leicester then for the same train from Leicester to London. This works for different station combinations. This works well if your arrival/departure time is during peak time.

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thetrainline.com charges customers a fee for using a credit card to purchase tickets. A £1 booking fee also applies to all transactions. Other charges may include debit card use, insurance,delivery to your home and pickup at station machine.


If you have been quoted a cheaper fare than the train operator use the details and enter the same on the train operators site.


East Midlands Trains do not sell discount tickets to trainline- they are competing to sell the ticket. Trainline makes money for booking an East Midlands ticket for you. So you pay for this service and the ads that you took you to their website.

Trainline has so many detractors that they really would like to be able to say that they are cheaper than Operators sites. The are not so they cannot.

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All the sites actually use the same data source to get train times and ticket prices, but I agree that you shouldn't use trainline due to the additional charges.


Finding split ticket information is harder, you can work it out yourself though if you check when peak/off-peak travel starts and ends.


I'm going to London on Saturday, two 1st singles for the 0727 there and the 1630 back <£70, can't complain really, it would cost me that much in fuel and be a much more stressful day if I drove.

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