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My son and I went with Travelstyle for a Twixmas break to Torquay last year. It was the first time I had travelled with them, everything was spot on, price, friendly driver, two excursions, clean hotel and good food. The only downside was the 2 hr wait at Hopwood Service Station waiting for the other coaches to arrive, on the way down. I would say take your own food and drink cos the prices are extortionate. Coming back, no problem. Enjoy your trip.

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I'd never recommend these and never use them again.... we booked a while ago to go on a 4 day break next month, they cancelled it last week.


Ok we thought their letter gives 4 alternatives but also says check out our website - so we did.


I was rung by TS and the woman on the phone was rude! She said we had been offered 4 alternatives in the letter and they were the only ones available, I had to point out their letter said "also check out our website...."


She then went on to say we could have any holiday we wanted but not the dates we wanted, I told her I'd put the dates into thier website and our alternative was what it had come up with - she then snapped at me "well it's just cancelled!", she asked me if I wanted a refund.....


Rude rude rude, put us off trying anything else with them and recommending them to anyone!

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