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Wasp nest in allotment shed

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I'm fairly certain that there's a wasps nest in the foof of my allotment shed.


I wnt in there today and there were at leaxt 6 very large wasps in there. I'm afraid I had to despatch these and then a few more came out. They weren't behaving aggressively and seemed to be a bit dozy.


Does anybody know how to get rid of the nest? Will the council do anything about it?


Will somebody please reply because I'm terrified of wasps and also spend a lot of time up there with kids :(

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Guest sibon

Buy a can of wasp nest destroyer foam. Watch for a bit to see where the wasps are entering and exiting. Spray the foam on to the entrance. Job done.


The wasps might get a bit shirty about this, so move away for a few minutes after spraying.

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I doubt any wasps are building nests yet and if they are they'll only contain a few. More likely you've had some queens hibernating and the warm weather's just woken them up, hence why they're big and dozy.


If there are any left, most of them will fly elsewhere to build nests but you might get one staying behind.


Keep an eye on things for another month or six weeks and if you have got a nest, follow sibon's advice, but be very careful. The nest will be built where it's accessible from outside the shed, so tackle it from there. Unless you have somewhere to take cover after treating the nest (say a car or someone else's shed) I would suggest you call in a professional. The council do a very good service for around £45, less if you receive housing benefit, income support etc.

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Thanks for your replies everyone. I think it was a group of hibernating queens after all. I've been back a couple of times and there are no signs of any more. Phew, that was one job I really wasn't looking forward to :hihi:

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