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Recomend me a budget Tri-pod :)


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Hi guys, I'm looking for a decent Tri-pod for a DSLR (Nikon D5000)


I don't want to spend too much on one at the moment as I am just an amature photographer and the Tri-pod I have now has seen better days!


My Budget is around £40, can maybe push to £60 max. It needs to be able to support the camera and bigger lenses as I want to get a nice telephoto lens in the future and I also have afew old lenses that I use which weigh a fair bit!


Thanks in advance for any help :)

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but remember one thing: you can't get cheap good tripod.


if you want you can come in town centre (near ponds forge) and try mine tripod, and you will have an idea.

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I know you can't get a cheap and quality tripod but obviously some makes are better than others, so instead of possibly wasting £40 and buying a bad one, I'd rather see what people recomend and hear about their personal experience ect :)


That Hama one looks nice, infact, for the price it looks great and I like how you can turn the mount to go under the tripod, will come in very handy when I get my new macro lens next month :D


Do you know if you can change the head on it? and how sturdy is it?

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I think I might order one of those next week then :) Looks good in the pictures!


Just had a look through your Flickr album, you've got alot of really great photos on there! I love the macro shots, what macro lens do you use? I love the detail on the spider photos... although I hate spiders *shivvers*

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oh, just seen you from s80. so it's a bit too far to travel to sheffield to try it out ... lol



BTW that spider pistures was taken with old lens 35-70 with tubes. but it's so much easier with macro lens :)

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