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What charger do I need for Nikon Coolpix S3100?


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I just bought one second hand but it came without a charger. It looks like mini USB but I think that that is what my phone takes and it seems to be slimmer and fatter than that size as my phone charger does not fit.


I know chargers can be found so cheap on eBay but I wonder if those with Nikon Coolpix S3100 in the title are charging too much, and I just want a mains charger.


Thanks for your help!



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You need to take the battery out & put it in a special custom charger, they cost more than usb chargers, I don't think it can charge by usb. The usb socket is a standard mini usb (your phone is micro usb). Mini-usb cables are very cheap, I got one for a penny with free postage from ebay, but I'm pretty sure that it wont charge it.

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Rayman I am ever so sorry. I just read this now. I found one, an actual Nikon one, for £14. There were three in a Buy It Now and they went fast, taken from the boxes of faulty cameras.


anywebsite I thought exactly the same but this plugs directly into the camera.

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