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Radio Sheffield 'Wednesday'


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Having not really listened to P&G much over about the last 15 years I gave Radio Sheffield 'Wednesday' another chance tonight and caught the last 5 mins of the show. The final thoughts of the night said it all for me, a round up me the local goals, Kelly for Notts County, Madine for Wednesday and a goal against Chesterfield, as the top scorers in the region tonight i'd have thought they'd at least not proved they were totally bias to Wednesday but no such luck. Back to talksport!

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Paul Walker - Blade

Seth Bennett - Blade

Andy Giddings - Halifax

Rob Staton- Miller


Yeah Stockers, yet again you're spot on.

There's clearly an Owls bias.


Big changes needed I reckon.

Like adding an Owl maybe?


To add to that Adam Oxley who covers Barnsley or Donny but has done the odd Wednesday game is a Blade, used to play 11 a side with him and he'd always be wearing his fluorescent yellow nasty United shirt. One of nicest guys you could meet though.................even though he is a blade.

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