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Help need with Car valuation and advice

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Hi don't know if I have put this in the right place but I have a Peugeot 306 estate and I had to have a new boot fitted which is now a different colour to the car and it also has a few dents to the body work, last years mot I had a lot of the things done to it that need doing every few years. I am wondering if it is worth putting through this years mot as I know it needs 2 new tyres that's are fifty quid each and the mot cost does anyone think someone would buy it and how much for? It only has 89000 on clock and has always been a good car to me just trying to decide if it's worth spending the money to put it through mot with what I would get for it or just to scrap it? It's a 99 plate Thanks

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My old Peugeot 206 was the most frustrating contraception i have ever owned so i understand you wanting rid, I'd personally though still take a risk and hopefully get it through MOT and sell the foocker.


I got £140 for my old Peugeot 206 at that place on Heeley bridge.

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Respray the bonnet to match the body as it shouldn't be too expensive, although you probably won't do it perfect it will look better and be more tempting for buyers if things look clean and match.


Thanks for that might give it a go they do all spray paints at halfords for it can't be that hard, can it!!!!!

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