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Fleet familyof carbrook


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Hi ives - in case you don't have information from BMD indexes and census returns, the marriages index shows that Joseph Fleet married Emila Ann Varnham in Oxfordshire in Apr-Jun 1871. The 1881 census finds Joseph and Emily in Bright Street, Carbrook, Sheffield with daughters Emily, Clara and Eli(za) Ann. Ten years later they were in Short Street with children Clara, Eliza, Amelia and James. In 1901 James is the only child mentioned, but the 6 year-old May Fleet (born Apr-Jun 1894) is shown as a visitor with a family in Weedon Street. By 1911 Joseph was a widower living with Clara and her family; he died aged 86 in 1933.


PM me an email address if you'd like scans of the census pages..:)

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thanks hillsbro for information what i am really trying to find out is why ma was sent to live with amelia and husband john whom she stayed with until getting married in 1912 andi would like to find out more about her mother cannot find a birth record for her i have searched through all the records the only thing i know was here father was called enos. thet is all the information i have

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