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Anyone know where I can hire a car trailer apart from BDS

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I just bought a trike and need to bring it home but it's a non runner at the moment so I need a trailer to bring it on. Only problem is it's 9 x 5.5 feet and the largest BDS can offer is 8 x 5 :/


Does anybody know of anywhere else I can try?

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http://www.barnsleytowbarcentre.co.uk/trailer_hire.html Don`t know if any good for you it`s Mapplewell Barnsley


Also found these in Chesterfield http://www.towitall.co.uk/trailers/hire.aspx


Only other suggestion I`ve got is search ebay for trailer hire and search nearest first. I lost contact with the guy who built trikes he had a custom made trailer I`m sure somebody in one of the biker groups in Sheffield may know somebody

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