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Looking for an after party venue in sheffield sat 21st April.

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I've been running Noiya clothing (www.noiyaclothing.co.uk) based in sheff for the past few years, we're a small street wear and urban clothing company with ties into the music industry and Rollerblading through sponsorships and competitions.


Every year we host our annual Rollerblade competition, at the house skate park and we generally arrange an after party to coincide with one of the local nites out.


This year we're looking for a venue to host the after party at.

we're not wanting it to be exclusive so we would like it to be

a free night still open to the public, able to bring our own sound system if one isn't available, able to cater to our dj's and Mc's who would be performing on the nite. a location near the city centre would be ideal as it just makes transport easier.


So can any one help?


if you want more details, please PM me, or e-mail me at josh@noiyaclothing.co.uk




oh and do like us on Face book :)





These are some edits of our recent competitions....


Promo edit








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