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Old Railway books

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Some old books are valuable - IF you can find the right buyer.


Most old books are virtually junk unless they are rare and in good condition. For specialist books of the type described places like the Peak Rail shop may be able to find them good homes, but they'll probably need to be given.


Before doing this have a look at the Bookfinder website and enter a few of the titles to get an idea as to what prices are being asked. See; http://www.bookfinder.com/?mode=advanced&new_used=*&first_ed=&signed=&currency=GBP


I have a first edition pristine copy of a large book about the North Eastern railway. My father died 25 years ago. He thought it was worth over £400 then. It's since been republished in paperback and can be bought for under £10. First editions are now priced at £40 - and probably aren't selling!


Good luck!

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stick them into Amazon, might give you an idea if they are worth anything.


Don't get carried away with books that only have one copy listed for hundreds of pounds, people often try getting massive prices for books that nobody else are selling.


Try, Abebooks website - they specialise in out of print books -



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Driver or traction manuals issued to railway employees dating back 90-odd years will be rare and of interest to preservationists and particularly collectors.


Sheffield Railwayana Auction is probably a good place to start, to see if they're interested or can give a guide to value - sheffieldrailwayana.co.uk

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