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Born February 29 and left-handed.

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9 hours ago, catmiss said:

My brain hurts so much I might have to start smoking again with one of those right handed cigars even though I’m left handed and born in January 😀

Here is an easy one for you.

When choosing bananas do you go for the ones that curve to the left or to the right?

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On 29/02/2020 at 10:24, davyboy said:

My g/daughter was  ambidextrous until  she was 10 or so but then wrote with her  left hand BUT she holds a knife and fork as right handed.

Are any of the lefties on here like that?

I write right handed, use a knife and fork the 'correct' way, but kick and throw with the left. Yet I would play snooker as a right handed person. I'm just weird, I know 🤣

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I was born February 8th and I am left handed although I throw darts for instance with my right hand,at a push I could write with my right hand clumsily but only if forced to!.So I must be ambidextrous,as a kid I seem to remember being left handed was frowned on I don,t know why!.

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