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Sheffield music artist new track.. feedback welcome!


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Well since everyone else on here is to nice to say anything then I'll have to do it.


I thought it was rubbish, the singing was subpar and the video wasn't great. I don't see how this artist :loopy: can be described as up and coming. I think he has more chance of building a space shuttle and successfully landing it on the moon than getting into the charts.


Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

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Only my opinion but sorry I didn't like it. Got quite a few albums along this genre's lines but this is nowhere near as good as any of the weakest tracks on any of them. Nothing catchy / interesting / or lyrics with a hook. Bland repetitive music with no build or anthemic parts, and a video which wouldn't look out of place being submitted as part of a GCSE Media Studies piece of coursework - mirror, trash can fire, couple of women, guy in a hat, who cares? I'm afraid I wouldn't listen to it again even if I was given it for free.


I also think that, seeing as this is supposed to be a family orientated forum, you should warn people about the occasionally explicit lyrics contained in the song.


Just my two cents, Al.

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New track by one of our up and coming artists, Smokey Roomz.


Check it out



Would love to get some feedback on it and hear what people think.


Thanks. :)

reminds me of ice t or the darker side of Hijack

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Never trust a band that can't even spell its own name right!


Why aren't they called Smoky Rooms?


It's not a band, it's a solo artist.


And try telling that to Snoop Dogg, Eazy-E, Outkast, Ghostface Killah etc. etc. That was such a crud joke.

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I think it'z becauze they think uzing z's instead of s's is cool :headbang:


That hilarious...


So you don't like the music, you don't like the video, you don't like the name... I get it. That's fair enough, you're entitled to an opinion. There's really no need to start making fun of people though.

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