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Want to be a Nursery Assistant, where do I start?

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I'm currently working PT (17hrs per week) and I want to train to become a nursery assistant.

My little ones will have access to 15 hours free nursery time in April so I will be able to volunteer in a nursery during that time to get my experience and work a part time job in the evening (I HAVE to work)

but where do I start? do I find a PT job first? eves and weekends (max 17 hours) or do I get a course and start volunteering??

I'm so confused as to all the different websites offering online courses but do not understand the new qualifications, I do not want to spend time and money doing a course only to find out it is not recognised??

and would I be able to get funding for a course since i'll only be working pt ?


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I would suggest that you do the Level 2 Certificate for the Children and Young People's Workforce. The course requires you to work/ volunteer at an educational setting for a minimum of one day a week and this gives you the 1 term work experience that most employers will require when you start applying for jobs at nurseries. The course is definately recognised (the one I am on is accredited by city & guilds) and you may even be able to get funding for it if you or your partner get tax credits.

Hope this helps

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