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How to get to the 02 Academy?

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My daughter is going to see a band called Black Stone Cherry (No idea who they are) at the 02 academy, What public transport allows her to get there? Like the tram or any buses?

If it is a bit wierd travel wise i will drive there myself, how would i get there by car?

I told her i will drive her and her friends if public transport is dodgy and she called me an over protective father (Those of you with daughters will know what its like)

Many thanks

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Buses and tram would both get her there safely.

The venue is just a 3 minute walk from the central bus station, as well as being right across the street from arundel gate interchange and its 5 minute walk (with waiting at crossing lights) from Fitzallen Square Tram stop..


If you want to drive her there and wait, there is underground parking at the venue, though not sure on how much youre charged.



If you want to see what busses stop/pick up from where outside the venue heres a good map:

http://maps.travelsouthyorkshire.com/ enter the following post code: S1 2PN

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