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What to do about neighbours dog barking

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Well, I am the owner of two large dogs which barks time to time, but i really feel for you. My dogs don't dare to "trump" without my permition and barking at night is allowed only on intruders. :) But my friend had similar problem with baby crying an hours next to his bedroom, he tried to talk to neighbour, literaly begged her to move baby to different room, she ignored him, so one night he went to work as usually and he set up his stereo with pair of massive speakers right next to the wall with his "lovely" neighbour and played music with big drums, normally she would ignore it again, but he did it at 2 am on full volume, radio was playing all night untill he came back from work. Never had same trouble again....So book a romantic evening in hotel and let the music works.....:hihi:

Don't forget council will work always very slow....

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I would try again to talk to her before getting officials involved! People often get defensive when you 'report' them and lets face it, you don't need a rift to come between you.


She will (No doubt) not be completely oblivious that this is a problem and may be avoiding you as she is embarrassed/shy or worried about confrontation.


If she simply will not engage with you in a conversation, I would make it clear 'through the wall' that its not acceptable - I would try to tell the dog to be quiet or make loud comments that it is affecting you..... She may then take action. If not, you have no option but to follow the reporting path.


Just my opinion, I hope it works out for you

if the dog is beiong mistreated or neglected i would contact the rspca without a doubt but yes i would try n talk to her about it first

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Read through your own tenancy agreement, to see if it says whether pets, or cats or dogs are allowed. Your neighbours tenancy agreement will be the same. If dogs are not allowed then she is breaking her tenancy agreement, and she could be evicted. Tell her that!

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I really feel for you and fully understand the stress this can cause, don't give in to these ignorant people and keep up a constant pressure to get the peace and quiet you have a right to. Ring 101 every day, keep a diary, record the noise, write notes to your neighbour daily and formal letters of complaint. Speak to a solicitor or CAB to issue a solicitors letter to warn of the fact you could take them to court yourself , the threat of this alone may do the trick but if you do take this forward yourself you'll need evidence. It can help if you can get others to provide evidence aswell.


You could of course retaliate to make you feel better by playing music top whack (booming bass music is the best) in the middle of the night.


Have you considered soundproofing? there are systems that can help but they can be costly.

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