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Consumer rights advice please!!

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Hoping someone can help me with consumer rights with my mobile phone and a fault. My phone is less than a year old my insurance is with a separate company. Aprox 2 months ago I dropped it, screen shattered and it stopped charging. I paid the excess and my insurance company repaired the phone. Less than a month later the phone developed the same fault and stopped charging, again sent it off for repair. When I got my phone back it was repaired but minus my charger and the repair sheet stated it had not even been tested. Now not even 3 weeks later and my phone has stopped charging again!!

Just wondered where I stand on sending the phone be replaced as it's either obviously beyond repair or the person repairing it can't do it properly. I really don't want to send the phone off again as it takes ages. Does anyone have any advice on if i'm eligible for the phone to be replaced?


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